17 Nov '13, 6pm

GLAM PIE WEDGE via @lovepastry I Love These Shoes

Give your outfit a boost with this Glam Pie Wedge! Featuring a sequined animal print, metallic accents and a hidden 3” wedge, these sneakers are sure to step up your style!

Full article: http://www.lovepastry.com/Product.aspx?l=0002000000000000...


GLAM PIE GLITTER via @lovepastry

GLAM PIE GLITTER via @lovepastry

lovepastry.com 14 Nov '13, 8pm

Glam it up and add some glitter to your life! The Glam Pie Glitter adds glitz and glam to any outfit, and is sure to add s...


shoeperwoman.com 28 Nov '13, 10pm

I love this dress in ivory

lovebonito.com 17 Nov '13, 11am

The ladylike lace adds a feminine flourish to this dreamy frock. Understated sensuality is a great way to start the new se...

GLAM PIE FOIL CHEETAH via @lovepastry

lovepastry.com 25 Nov '13, 9pm

The Glam Pie Foil Cheetah will get you noticed anywhere you go. Believe us, these kicks will not disappoint. Materials: Pa...

Love this @MichaelKors Lizard Embossed Selma Ha...

twitter.com 17 Nov '13, 10pm

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