25 Feb '14, 9pm

SMOOTHIE ZIP via @lovepastry

Smoothie Zip is the perfect sneaker that gives you comfort and style with an accent zipper. Available in four versatile colors to pair with any outfit! Materials: Brushed Suede Upper with Synthetic Leather Accents, Rubber Outsole

Full article: http://www.lovepastry.com/Product.aspx?l=0001000000000000...


STRUDEL WEDGE via @lovepastry

lovepastry.com 25 Feb '14, 9pm

Look tall and chic with the Strudel Wedge. The hidden heel will make you feel inches taller, while taking your style to ne...

GLAM PIE WEDGE via @lovepastry

lovepastry.com 25 Feb '14, 9pm

Give your outfit a boost with this Glam Pie Wedge! Featuring a sequined animal print and a hidden 3” wedge, these sneakers...