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oh my gosh i want thesee!! @LovePastry

Pastry’s Sire Classic Mid is a “classic” for good reason. These kicks are the perfect everyday shoe that will go with almost anything you wear. They feature a canvas upper, lace closures, and a rubber outsole and two sets of laces. Imported.

Full article: http://lovepastry.com/shop/sire-canvas-classic-black-pink...


I WANT THESE. @LovePastry

I WANT THESE. @LovePastry

lovepastry.com 27 Nov '12, 11pm

Show off your tough side with the Sire Varsity Punk. They feature a leather upper with quilted accents and small stud deta...

Whoa man! Look at all these @LovePastry sales! I think it's time to buy a new pair of shoes.

Whoa man! Look at all these @LovePastry sales! ...

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LOVEPASTRY Live life sweet. Call us toll free (866)319-3134 / Register Menu Shop Freshly Baked By Style Alpine Biscotti Cu...

Rolex.. Classic

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@LovePastry love this shoes

@LovePastry love this shoes

lovepastry.com 14 Dec '12, 12pm

The Biscotti is the perfect shoe for Fall with it’s quilted design and bright lining. It will go perfect with a pair of je...

@allisimpson wearing black "Dutchess Pie" by @LovePastry last night at their roller skating event

@allisimpson wearing black "Dutchess Pie" by @L...

lovepastry.com 09 Dec '12, 6pm

Our Dutchess Pie sneakers add a little royalty into your everyday life. These sneaker wedges will have you walking taller ...