9 hours ago ... Last month I flew to London to let the wonderful Ayishat show me around her city. The following week I returned the favour and took her around ...

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  • Basket Profi OG Mesh Pack

    Basket Profi OG Mesh Pack

    sq210.blogspot.com 04 Mar '13, 1am

    I don't die for the Superstars and SL72 of this pack but these Basket Profi OG's are a want! Eingestellt von ☆SNEAKERQUEEN☆ Labels: 2013 release , Adidas Originals , Basket Profi OG , Retro

  • Shooting Eastpak

    Shooting Eastpak

    sq210.blogspot.com 15 Mar '13, 11pm

    Last Wednesday I flew to Antwerp for a SS 2014 lookbook-shooting. Thanks to Eastpak I for once was infront the camera instead of behind. Thank you Charlie Engman for your patience, Miranda Makaroff and Josh from Streetetiquette for the great company and the Eastpak team, for taking su...

  • Snakes

    sq210.blogspot.com 15 Feb '13, 2pm

  • Nike x UNDFT Tease

    Nike x UNDFT Tease

    sq210.blogspot.com 04 Feb '13, 3pm

    “On February 8, 2013, Undefeated and Nike will release an exclusive new pack that speaks to the brands’ rich collaborative history in the sneaker game. Stay tuned.” Eingestellt von ☆SNEAKERQUEEN☆ Labels: Collaboration , Nike , Teaser , Undefeated

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  • What a Game!!

    What a Game!!

    sq210.blogspot.com 04 Feb '13, 5pm

    second half! Last nights game was great and although they did

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  • Gotta Be The Shoes!

    sq210.blogspot.com 13 Feb '13, 12pm

    ESPN honors the legendary Michael Jordan who is celebrating his 50th Birthday this month, with a documentary Eingestellt von ☆SNEAKERQUEEN☆ Labels: Documentary , Michael Jordan , Nike Air Jordan

  • Converse “Year of the Snake”

    Converse “Year of the Snake”

    sq210.blogspot.com 29 Jan '13, 11am

    This Pro Leather High Snake is set to launch in limited fashion at select accounts in China, packaged in a special acrylic box with extra shoe laces and a red satin bag. No date yet though... Eingestellt von ☆SNEAKERQUEEN☆ Labels: Converse , Converse Pro Leather High , Snakerskin

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  • Finally online!!

    Finally online!!

    sq210.blogspot.com 23 Feb '13, 12am

    The first online archive , by one of the major Brands! Big up Adidas! I hope you'll feed it Eingestellt von ☆SNEAKERQUEEN☆ Labels: Adidas , Archive , Collection , Vintage , Vintage vs. Retro