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10 Brands That Should Have Never Made #Sneakers

10 Brands That Should Have Never Made #Sneakers

Sneaker brands come and go, and you can't be mad at someone for chasing their dreams. You can be mad if a company has tons of money and blows it on making sh*tty stuff, someone makes the same mistake twice, people jump into lanes they just shouldn't be in in the first place, or worse, just plain bite other styles. Check out 10 Brands That Should Have Never Made Sneakers and let us know who else shouldn't have bothered.

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Reminding me of British Knights. Apple made sne...

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Wood Sculpted @kokontozai Sneakers

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Bring em back #TMac2 #sneakers

Bring em back #TMac2 #sneakers

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Basketball Pics, Sneakers, & Motivational Quotes. Owned by @hoopmovement from twitter.

Interview with DMV Sneakers (@EaglesandHeat)

Interview with DMV Sneakers (@EaglesandHeat)

midwestsole.com 17 Jan '13, 4am

@EaglesandHeat: I started doing sneaker review on YouTube around April 2012. It all started at the end of 2011 I was looki...

Sneakers ❤ quem curte?

Sneakers ❤ quem curte?

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Tudo para as meninas.

Never forget.

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#sneakers #lookoftheday

#sneakers #lookoftheday

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roberthaportella Ano das maravilhas 2013 !!!!! ( mantra ) blessed

Next pair of sneakers #inlove

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What other way to show my problematic track life than to document it with pictures? Contact: [email protected] Twi...

NEW TONIGHT: #USMC urination vid was 1 of 12 #M...

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http://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/2013/01/marine-corps-urination-video-edward-deptola-court-martial-011613/ Corps: Urin...

Want to be completed WOWed?? Check out these amazing animals made of #Hermes leather scraps!

Want to be completed WOWed?? Check out these am...

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Most brands are simply happy to produce a luxurious, cohesive handbag collection each season, but as we all know, Hermes i...

as três de Sneakers ♥

as três de Sneakers ♥

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lindas perfeitas divas minhas amo

10 #Sneakers to Wear to An Office Job That Won't Get You Fired

10 #Sneakers to Wear to An Office Job That Won'...

complex.com 14 Jan '13, 8pm

Not everybody has the luxury of wearing sneakers to the office like we do , and we know that not everybody has the heat ar...

Cheap Sneakers Are Your Fly-Kicks-Shoe-Heads Deal of the Day

Cheap Sneakers Are Your Fly-Kicks-Shoe-Heads De...

gizmodo.com 16 Jan '13, 8pm

Amazon's running a pretty cool promotion on shoes today. The code NEWYOU2013 takes $20 when you spend $100 on selected sne...

The 10 Most Important Things That Happened In #Sneakers This Week

The 10 Most Important Things That Happened In #...

complex.com 19 Jan '13, 9pm

Just in case you aren't able to check the sneaker news on the daily, we have decided to come through with a little weekly ...