19 Jan '13, 7pm

Baddie got some new B’s. Beyoncé hits the NYC streets in a fresh pair of Isabel Marant ‘Bayley’ wedge sneakers. ...

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Jay-Z loves sneakers

Jay-Z loves sneakers

sneakerwatch.com 20 Jan '13, 11am

Today Reebok relaunched the long awaited signature shoe of Shawn Kemp. Although it took nearly two decades for us to final...

Next pair of sneakers #inlove

instagram.com 20 Jan '13, 3am

What other way to show my problematic track life than to document it with pictures? Contact: [email protected] Twi...

Isabel Marant Anaid

Isabel Marant Anaid

ohmyshoes.it 24 Jan '13, 8am

Stelle colorate contro un cielo terso e brillante: è l’ispirazione resa in chiave proprio letterale delle décolleté firmat...

Orange Wedge Sneakers - Can you resist?

Orange Wedge Sneakers - Can you resist?

fashionsoawesome.com 21 Jan '13, 12am

3. They are comfortable to walk in (but be careful, remember that they are still heels and you can twist your ankle if you...