09 Aug '15, 7pm

[email protected] has announced the reopening date for Kith's Brooklyn store:

.@RonnieFieg has announced the reopening date for Kith's Brooklyn store:

Kith's Brooklyn location, the brand's original storefront, has been closed in recent times to undergo renovations. Ronnie Fieg, Kith's founder, has announced that the shop will open up at the end of the month, with a date set at August 24. Beyond that, Fieg also said that there will be a Kith Treats grand opening at the store's 233 Flatbush Ave. location. There haven't been any leaks of what the inside of the retail space looks like, but if it's anything like the remodeling of Kith's Manhattan location , then it's it going to be first class. Grab your ASICS and track pants, it's going to be an event.

Full article: http://uk.complex.com/sneakers/2015/08/kith-brooklyn-reop...


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    Wow!! Amazing!


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