30 Aug '16, 7am

[email protected] releases a premium watch with futurisitic cusomization abilities.

Initially unveiled two years ago, Sony’s innovative FES e-paper watch caught the attention of international media for its ability to change the appearance of the watch face and strap on the go, but disappointingly, it only hit a limited number of retail outlets in Japan last November. Now, the Japanese conglomerate has turned to crowdfunding to produce a more premium version, the FES Watch U. Featuring a steel body on the base model and a scratch-resistant sapphire glass crystal on the premium black colorway, the watch can change its appearance with or without a smartphone. It is also capable of running for three weeks on a single charge thanks to the incredibly low power consumption of e-ink technology. Requiring a pledge of between ¥44,710 JPY and ¥59,940 JPY (approximately $438 USD to $587 USD) to secure a watch for yourself, the FES Watch U would ship in April 2017 if ...

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