31 Jul '17, 9pm

Gosha Rubchinskiy explains what it's like to be young in Russia today:

Gosha Rubchinskiy explains what it's like to be young in Russia today:

For the latest episode of Global Street Style , i-D made their way to Russia to get an exclusive backstage look at Gosha Rubchinskiy’s Spring/Summer 2018 show in St. Petersburg. There, the team got to see the prolific post-1991 generation carving out their own future. The 15-minute installment, directed by Tom Ivin, ultimately delves into the first generation of Russian youth to have grown up after the fall of the Soviet Union as they are in turn looking inwards to the Eastern Bloc for inspiration, as opposed to that of the Western world. In large part thanks to designers like Gosha Rubchinskiy , post-Soviet style has truly taken off all across the globe. Above you’ll get to see and hear as i-D discovers what effect the former Soviet Union has had on modern creativity, in addition to the impact that this cultural explosion continues to have worldwide.

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“Rubchinskiy is culture.”

hypebeast.com 31 Jul '17, 9pm

has just released a short documentary film exploring Gosha Rubchinskiy ‘s massive influence amongst the youth in Post-Sovi...

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