1. 27 Aug '15, 6am

    Numerous interesting contributions in the struggle with the many pictures were simply unter.Ab Monday there is: If you want to post a picture, or an external link, this has to happen in a self post, which does not create any karma by positive reviews. Model for the experiment are the Subreddits of Runescape games like League of Legends, Hearthstone or Diablo. There go the operators mainly about gathering data and evaluating. Only then would you decide whether this is a one-off experiment or this leads to a new Community Directive. Fan tinkering own trailer for Early Access Patiently they must be, the fans of the upcoming zombie MMO H1Z1 - - To announce H1Z1 many shifts you had already suffered and the only thing that makes a current hope is a euphorisierter Tweet of the SOE chiefs John Smedley. So how do you bridge the long wait? You simply tinkering yourself schonmal the trailer for release. That prove fans of video Runescape games now and again great passion

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  2. 27 Aug '15, 6am

    If you have downloaded the trial version, so you can dare to <a href="">Cheap RS Gold</a> the first 20 levels in the Runescape game. This you have to but if you want that, reach within 14 days - as long as you can use the demo restrictions. Of course, the trial version for PC will continue also in the repertoire. Note: As part of our raffle for Christmas is in the image of this news, the first letter of the word solution. Have fun joining in! Source ArcheAge - More China for the Chinese from July 2015 ArcheAge to establish itself in the Chinese market. Now, the developer of XL Runescape games and publisher Tencent Runescape games announce that they wanted to help the success with exclusive content for the Chinese community on the jumps. In Europe and North America ArcheAge has a rather difficult position two months after its release. Too many Runescape players show up strongly dissatisfied with the community or the environment created by Trion Worlds. The succes

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