24 Feb '13, 12am

@misakamimura ある程度ウォーキングとか想定してるならちゃんと靴屋でサイズ計測してかったほうがいいす。ちなににオフィシャルの店いくと、専用の計測器でかなり細かくはかってくれるとか。

Full article: http://www.newbalance.co.jp/shopsearch/tokyo/


New Balance 574 Windbreaker “Blueberry” #NewBalance

New Balance 574 Windbreaker “Blueberry” #NewBal...

kicksonfire.com 24 Feb '13, 7am

has assembled a collection of the New Balance 574 for spring. Among the versions is the pair seen here, which as the colle...

New Balance 999 – Blue & Grey #NewBalance

New Balance 999 – Blue & Grey #NewBalance

kicksonfire.com 24 Feb '13, 8am

saw plenty of action last year, making its way into several collaborations. To kick off 2013, the sneaker returns as a gen...