20 Jan '12, 5pm

Dank @mrdaiber hab ich mir den Floh ins Ohr gesetzt dass ich diese Schuhe brauche™, obwohl sie nicht zu mir passen.Mift

At CT HQ, we're big fans of the adidas Conductor. A harbinger of the technical period that ultimately enveloped all the big brands, we’d gladly kick a man to death for the return of the Ewing Conductor or Rivalry as they were, maybe including a tribute to the original stickers and labels. We're not fussed as to a lack of Gallic build, provided the spirit is retained. The puffy panels and overlapping collar strap made the Conductor a little more forward-looking than their older brother, but the 1987 release of these shoes upped the ante in a golden age of high tops. Textured leather, a canvas toebox, nubuck and no Dellinger webbing make this one unique.

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