SLAMXHYPE - Mens Fashion, Contemporary Art, Pop Art, Street Art ...

Neck Face “No Mercy For The Weak” Exhibition at New Image Art Gallery. September 12, 2013. Slamxhype FASHION. N.Hoolywood Spring/Summer 2014  ...


  • .@FATJEW

    These Are The Craziest Comments On Drake Instagram 07 Feb '14, 7pm

    The newest hotbed of upsetting/hilarious comments is on the Instagram feeds of famous people. Every celeb gets bizarre feedback on their photos at some point, from models (example: “damn girl you are perfect like the stars in the sky”) to singers (example:”come to Venezuela, I would d...

  • Andre 3000 is my fashion inspo right now.

    Andre 3000, The Champion Of Hip Hop Fashion is Back 17 Jan '14, 9pm

    is officially back together, which is pretty awesome news , although it makes me feel old, because they are celebrating 20 years of making music together. They haven’t performed together since 2004, which was apparently 10 years ago. I’m looking forward to hearing what they sound like...

  • 6 Potential Kanye West Wedding Outfits

    6 Potential Kanye West Wedding Outfits 07 Mar '14, 9pm

    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have just announced that their upcoming wedding will take place on Saturday May 24, 2014. And while the media endlessly speculates about Kim’s dress, I’m more interested in what Kanye is planning to wear on his day of matrimony. After all, since our fashi...

  • Dear Kim Kardashian: How come you let Kanye wear plaid?

    Apparently Plaid Is The New Camo? 03 Jan '14, 6pm

    first came out I took note of Kanye’s double, Ralph Lauren plaid situation. “Uh-Oh”, I thought. “Here we go with this shit.” Not that Kanye is the end all, be all of fashion, but if Kanye’s doing something, people are paying attention. So I kept my eyes open as designers previewed the...

  • Dear Amanda Bynes: I wish you were still a psycho.

    Amanda Bynes 05 Dec '13, 9pm

    Guess what? America’s favorite mess, Amanda Bynes, has been released from her court mandated, in-patient, rehab facility after just 5 short months. Bynes, who went on a 6-month long bender/ pubic meltdown that ended with setting her neighbors driveway on fire, will now complete her tr...

  • Dear Miley Cyrus: Will you be my boyfriend?

    DON’T BE MAD AT MILEY CYRUS - 14 Nov '13, 9pm

    The problem is, I don’t think anyone is really paying attention to what she has accomplished over the past 10 years. She has gone from being the obscure daughter of a one hit wonder country artist with chunky blonde highlights for the last 2 decades, to starring in her own TV series, ...

  • Kanye West collaborates with George Condo again 30 Dec '13, 4pm

    Kanye has just made it impossible to impress your girl. Just when you thought that buying her an iconic Hermes HAC handbag would lead you to iconic status in her heart, Kanye just stepped it up to a whole new level and crushed your dreams. Kim Kardashians XMAS handbag was hand painted...

  • 9 Rappers Who Stole Their Looks From Simpsons Characters

    9 Rappers Who Stole Their Looks From Simpsons Characters 26 Dec '13, 5pm

    1. Tyler The Creator/Millhouse These two are basically the same person. They’re both emotionally disturbed children and the world has been equally cruel to each of them. The only difference is Tyler lets his rage out, while poor Millhouse has to keep it bottled up inside of him. 2. Ni...

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