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@ericaruthx they black ones are cute too

@ericaruthx they black ones are cute too

The Biscotti is the perfect shoe for Fall with it’s quilted design and bright lining. It will go perfect with a pair of jeans or even the cutest dress or skirt with tights—Who wouldn’t love that. Features micro-fiber and synthetic leather upper and rubber outsole. Imported. As seen on Alli Simpon and Angela Simmons during the Summer 2012 Pastry photo shoot.

Full article: http://lovepastry.com/shop/biscotti-eggplant/


[Blog] Black

[Blog] Black

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Brandon Fuller These are the weights that hold you down « Meet Us On Sanitas | Home January 19, 2013 Black Conquered her f...

@ConnKeat17 are these the same ones?

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Serisu Cute - La Distributrice : Kafe Kofi Comel Di Kanada (11 Gambar)

Serisu Cute - La Distributrice : Kafe Kofi Come...

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ialah kedai kop yang dibuka di bawah sebuah tangga di bandar Montreal Kanada . Kedai kopi ini hanya menjual 3 jenis kopi i...