30 Sep '17, 10am

[email protected] took a long time to perfect their DRY DENIM® technology https://t.co/zwlbb0zJ4K

One of the most difficult aspects of reproducing the feeling of vintage denim is to accurately recreate its distinct “dry feeling.” After countless trials and errors in an attempt to reproduce it, visvim has finally come up with a procedure that consists of applying a special treatment to remove the oil found in the denim’s fibers. The shrinkage caused by this technique, however, is extremely difficult to control because it is not normally used with natural denim. After struggling for a long time to find consistency, visvim came up with its original “DRY DENIM®” technology, which not only looks like vintage denim but has its texture as well. Check out photos of their technology above and head over to their site for more details on the DRY DENIM® technology.

Full article: https://hypebeast.com/2017/9/visvim-dry-denim



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