29 Sep '12, 9pm

@mrbsauls: DS Air Jordan 14 (candy canes) 9.5 NEED GONE ALSO! HMU PLZ

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Full article: http://pics.lockerz.com/s/248859917


Top 9 Air Jordan 9s to be released in near future

Top 9 Air Jordan 9s to be released in near future

styleengine.com 29 Sep '12, 7pm

is catering to a variety of their fans a lot lately as they have piles of classic sneakers in coveted colorways that will ...

@brouhaha it's good if you have lapdock also fo...

element14.com 29 Sep '12, 8pm

, the Pi can be powered via it's USB host ports as an alternative to the micro USB jack. This is great for the Atrix lapdo...