29 May '16, 3am

Shiloh trades in his sneakers for a coaching clipboard at @BCHSSPORTS

Kyle Shiloh spent the last decade flying around Europe with a basketball in hand, playing the sport he loves while always making sure the three women in his life, his wife Tori and daughters Mia and Monae, were right near him. The former Garces and Nevada standout is now in a similar situation, but this time with a clipboard and whistle after accepting a position as boys basketball coach at Bakersfield Christian. Shiloh pulled a John Elway or Peyton Manning-esque move by retiring after leading Kouvot to the Korisliiga league title in Finland’s top professional basketball league earlier this month. Shiloh averaged more than 15 points a game in the playoffs and knows he still has his playing legs under him. But the time was right for a change. As quick as he was on the dribble or defending the ball on the perimeter, Shiloh has moved on to the next venture in his life. But at...

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