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Marvel Comics was originally founded in 1939 and was then known as Timely Comics. Timely Comics introduced several super hero characters such as the Human Torch. These characters proved to be rather successful and gained popularity throughout the United With World War II gaining obvious social traction and importance, Timely introduced what would be a mega-hit, Captain America. Captain America and other Timely heroes of this time were often confronting Nazis and other worldwide evil and enemies. Stan Lee briefly was the lead editor until interrupted by his service in World War II, after which he would return and serve for several more decades. After World War II however, interests and styles were changing. The costumed super heroes that were popular were steadily declining while other themes were emerging. During the 1950s Timely became known as Atlas Comics. Comic books s...

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@DennisLA1219 @_Ophelia_Payne @VANS_66 marvel:

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