29 Oct '13, 11am

先行予約(先着順) 11月上旬発売予定 Puma PUMA OSLO 「LIMITED EDITION」

Full article: http://www.mita-sneakers.co.jp/items/354657-07.html


La PUMA Suede fête ses 45 ans #PUMA

La PUMA Suede fête ses 45 ans #PUMA

w3sh.com 28 Oct '13, 9am

Cette version Suede Sapphire a été soigneusement conçue et fabriquée dans l’usine japonaise de PUMA, où des techniques art...

TaylorMade's Tom Olsavsky to join Cobra-Puma Golf

TaylorMade's Tom Olsavsky to join Cobra-Puma Golf

golfwrx.com 29 Oct '13, 2am

Tom Olsavsky, senior director of product creation at TaylorMade, will replace Tom Preece as the vice president of research...

Puma Suede “Sapphire”

kicksonfire.com 24 Oct '13, 8pm

‘s 45th Anniversary is well underway and to help them celebrate comes along a slick sapphire blue model. The resulting Pum...

PUMA Suede Wool "Black": Wool wear for winter.

PUMA Suede Wool "Black": Wool wear for winter.

complex.com 26 Oct '13, 7pm

To outfit you for the colder months, PUMA has released a new wool pack of the iconic Suede silhouette. Accordingly, today ...

New Release: @PUMA SUEDE 'Sapphire' edition. These joints are nice like that. #PUMAsuede

New Release: @PUMA SUEDE 'Sapphire' edition. Th...

sneakerfreaker.com 24 Oct '13, 11am

In case you didn’t already get the memo, Puma are celebrating the 45th anniversary of perhaps their most iconic silhouette...

Puma Suede “Sapphire” #sneakers

Puma Suede “Sapphire” #sneakers

soleredemption.com 25 Oct '13, 10am

How time flies, d’yall know that Puma Suede has turned 45 years old? That’s a good fifteen years more than the Reebook Lea...

PUMA Disc Blaze "OG 1993"

PUMA Disc Blaze "OG 1993"

solecollector.com 31 Oct '13, 11pm

The iconic PUMA runner from 1993 arrives 20 years later built to the exact specifications as the original with its laceles...

@Daniohso isn't this mug so adorable coming to ...

news.starbucks.com 29 Oct '13, 4am

Starbucks and alice + olivia Collaborate on Limited-Edition Gifts for the Holidays This holiday season, Starbucks is partn...

Puma RS 100 “Animal” (Detailed Pictures)

kicksonfire.com 22 Oct '13, 5am

and now we’re getting a detailed look as the shoe receives a wider release. For this version, Puma embraces the current tr...

PUMA Disc Blaze Lite Tech "Mazarine Blue"

PUMA Disc Blaze Lite Tech "Mazarine Blue"

nicekicks.com 21 Oct '13, 6pm

has taken to modern makeups as of late, seen today on a “Mazarine Blue” offering. Bright blue bases this model in bold and...