This past weekend, a few members of the RIF team had the pleasure of heading down to San Diego to check out the 2nd official SD Sneaker Swap event.

Link: rif-la.blogspot.com

  • Blog updated :: "Japan Trip Volume 2" (Volume 3 will be posted shortly as well)

    Japan Trip Volume 2

    rif-la.blogspot.com 16 Sep '13, 8pm

    It has certainly been a very busy week during our Japan trip, we just arrived back in LA on Saturday. The trip itself served as a means of business mixed with a bit of relaxation from everyday life. As previously stated, we stayed at the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel and we would definit...

    1. Japan Trip Volume 1 rif-la.blogspot.com 10 Sep '13, 10pm
  • Blog updated :: "History of Flight"

    History Of Flight

    rif-la.blogspot.com 01 Oct '13, 3am

    A typical weekend at RIF will bring in a good amount of rare and sought after shoes, specifically Jordans, which could range from Hyperstrikes to Quickstrikes, and from DB's to BIN's. However, this past weekend we were extremely privileged to have one of the rarest sets of Jordans in ...

  • Fall / Winter 2014 Part 1 Preview- Releasing TODAY...

    Fall / Winter 2014 Part 1 Preview

    rif-la.blogspot.com 23 Aug '14, 5pm

    from our Fall / Winter line. Below, you can see the preview for the multiple designs and colorways that we plan on releasing.

  • Blog updated :: "OPM x RIF Party Recap"

    RIF LA

    rif-la.blogspot.com 26 Jul '13, 6pm

    There's no way to start off as a sneakerhead than at a young age, as shown here with these two. We'd like to thank Carmine (@carqueros9 ) and Connor (@clunny13 ) for stopping by RIF after flying in from Arizona. It's important to recognize and honor the fact that the future of the sne...

  • Blog Updated- "ReInForce Los Angeles"

    RIF LA

    rif-la.blogspot.com 01 Jul '13, 8pm

    Although we may be a bit late, a very interesting video has recently been released by ABC News, featuring a full coverage story on Sneakerheads. Many of the sneakerheads in the video are between 12-16 years old. DJ Clark Kent is also featured in the video, offering his opinion on the ...

  • Blog updated :: "Open Your World"

    Open Your World

    rif-la.blogspot.com 07 Sep '13, 6am

    On our previous blog post we recapped a couple of sneaker restoration services, and today we will be reviewing the Sole Restorer's work. We recently had them do some work on 2 pairs of 2009 Space Jams. The first pair was in near deadstock condition and the second pair was in a worn (v...

  • Blog updated :: "Variety"


    rif-la.blogspot.com 06 Nov '13, 5am

    Although October has come and gone, the weather has still been nice and sunny down in Little Tokyo. Hopefully there will be some good Winter weather ahead of us, but for now the clear Southern California days with suffice. Now available at RIF LA: LeBron 9 P.S. Elite "Dunkman" Sample....

  • Blog updated :: "OG"


    rif-la.blogspot.com 24 Oct '13, 3am

    Normally, the blog focuses on the latest news happening at the shoe store, but today it's going to take a shift to see what happened at the clothing store recently. Below, RIF DOS can be seen in a calm and peaceful state, but it has been a much more chaotic scene in this shop the past...